Just When You Thought It Was Taco Night


So the roommate walks in and shouts “Tacos!” and I suddenly got the urge to eat tacos and became somewhat excited at the notion…. But alas all hopes were dashed when I realized that it was just a random exclamation… I guess that serves me right for running in and exclaiming “Free Money!” the night before…. which reminds me… I need a new computer… and a nap.

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Been There, Done That

Screenshot 2015-05-14 08.04.33


Yep. Went to the store to buy milk. Came home with all sorts of great things, including a new cereal and a big premade thing of lasagna… to me nothing goes better with freshly baked lasagna than a nice cold glass of milk.  I came home and restocked my shelves. I was quite proud of myself… until I realized… well you know where this is going.

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